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Cook Club is a fortnightly meet-up for cooking, eating & the joy of food. It’s a casual, inclusive online space for people to come together, cook together and share recipes, experiences and stories about food.

One of the best things about food is its’ ability to connect people - try naming a social occasion that doesn’t revolve around food! But throughout lockdown in the UK, this became significantly harder as we all turned to home cooking, and combined with the monotony of a year staying in, one of the things we missed the most was sharing a nice meal with friends. That’s where Cook Club comes in. We’re all about bringing people together over food, to meet new people, share ideas, and whip up a storm in the kitchen. 



Here’s how it works:


Our ingredients:

  • A group of people, small enough so you can speak up, big enough that you don’t have to 

  • A recipe (optional)

  • A kitchen

  • Your ingredients

  • A device with Zoom and an internet connection

  • An open mind 


The method:

First, bring your people together - Tickets are available on Eliza’s website on a pay what you can system, which means you can choose how much you pay, making it accessible for you and sustainable for us. 


Here are some suggested pricing options:

The microwave oven: £6 (for when you’re on a tight budget)

The toaster oven: £9 (cook along without breaking the bank)

The gas oven: £12 (this is the standard ticket price)

The fan-forced oven: £15+ (for our biggest fans)


Next, we share the recipe we’ll be cooking from. It’s up to you whether or not you use our recipe, use your own to cook something similar, or make something completely different!


Then, gather your ingredients and show up via Zoom. Cook for a couple of hours & enjoy!

Cook's notes:


  • This dish keeps well for months on end, just join our Facebook group (exclusive to attendees) to be a part of our cook-munity.

  • The recipes we’ll cook together use basic skills and ingredients, but we’ll also be going off-piste, exploring fun flavour combinations and ways to make everyday meals a little bit special. So whatever your skill level, dietary requirements or taste preferences, there’s something for everyone. 

  • Alongside our recipes, Rhia and Eliza will also come prepared with food for thought, to gently help you explore your experiences, memories, and relationship with food and get to know other participants. There’s no obligation to contribute to the conversation, but at Cook Club, there’s no judgment, of food or people. 

  • We’re not the experts, it’s not a masterclass; everyone brings different skills & experiences to the table, and we’re here to share. It’s also not a nutrition class -  we’re focusing on the experience and fun of cooking and eating, not on diets. 

  • We care a lot about food security and making sure everyone gets to enjoy food by having enough of it, so we’re donating 10% of all ticket sales to The Trussell Trust

Who are we?

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 22.44.19.png

Eliza (she/they)

is a registered dietitian who specialises in disordered eating and body liberation. She practices from an intersectional feminist perspective, supporting individuals and groups (that’s you!) to explore and understand their lived experience to build a positive relationship with food.

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 21.53.24.png


is the creator and editor of Potluck, a collaborative zine that focuses on sharing your stories of cooking, eating and sharing food. With a background in design, she works as a Creative Assistant, focusing on supporting small businesses, but at heart, she’s a home cook who just loves chatting food with anyone who’ll listen. She’s just as passionate about facilitating other people’s creativity and encouraging new voices to tell their own stories as she is about making dinner. 

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