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Call for Submissions for Issue 4: Now Open!

We're super excited to announce that we're now open for submissions to our 4th issue, the theme of which is:


A feast is something incredibly enjoyable- a feast for the eyes, for the senses. It conjures up thoughts of heaving tables, overflowing plates, maybe a candelabra or two for good measure.

But a feast isn’t about the pomp and circumstance- is about revelling in the pure joy of the food in front of you. It’s about the anticipation of the meal, the three hours of loitering around someone's kitchen waiting for the food to be ready, stealing a little taste of things here and there when nobody is looking. It’s about the effort that goes into cooking something like that- sometimes exciting, fulfilling and other times exhausting- and the fact it’ll all be over in half an hour once people start tucking in. It’s about ordering that extra dish, not because you need it but because eating is about more than making you full. It’s about sharing a meal with people you love, enjoying every mouthful.

But in the same way, a feast isn’t just about that aspirational, banquet style eating experience. It’s just as much about the midnight feast you make for yourself- either Nigella style, scoffing food from the fridge, or the food you eat at 3am coming back from a night out. It’s about the food you treat yourself to to make you feel better after a really shitty day. It’s about the supermarket buffets you assemble when you’re going on a long train journey or meeting friends on a sunny day.

Ultimately, feasting is about seeing food as not just a thing that fills your hunger and keeps you full, but as an activity in itself, worthy of your time and energy. So tell us about your favourite celebratory feast. Tell us about a time you had an absolute disaster when trying to prepare a complicated meal for loved ones. Tell us about your favourite supermarket picnic options, your dream dinner party, your favourite midnight snack. Tell us about anything you want on the topic of Feast!

Just remember, it always has to come back to the idea of cooking, eating and sharing food with others.

We’re open to submissions of any work that we can print on an A5 page. Primarily this is writing, illustrations, recipes, poetry, photography and comics but if you’ve got an out of the box idea we’d love to hear it! You don’t need to have any previous experience or a portfolio of work behind you, decisions on what work is selected are made purely on the submission that's sent in.

Our inbox is open for work until the closing date of 28th of May, and after that we will select the work we’ll feature. We have two outputs: a print zine and an online website and work will be selected for both.

Everyone who’s work is selected will be paid via a royalties system- there’s a link in our bio to explain this in better detail. We don’t accept work based on just a pitch but if you’ve got an idea you want to run past us before completing it we’d be more than happy to chat to you about it!


* Written pieces should be a max. of 800 words (don’t worry too much about this, it’s just a guideline)

* All work is now submitted using the Google Form: find out more here

* For visual submissions, the resolution should be set to 300 dpi but file size doesn’t matter. We print A5 and please include a 3mm bleed around your artwork too in case we want to use it as a full page image.

Got a question? Send it to

Here's the Google Form to submit through:

Please note that all submissions must be sent in via the Google Form to be considered.


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