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Issue 3 Pre-Orders Are Now Open!

It's finally here!! I've got a coffee, I've checked the website so everything is working (famous last words) and we are ready for launch. What a lovely day to get your hands on our latest issue! PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY OF ISSUE 3

Our third issue is all about Back to Basics, celebrating the simplest foods that bring us joy. The basic comfort foods we go to in times of stress, the happiest memories we associate with the most unassuming foods, the staples that reflect who we are and how we were raised. Want to get a brilliant recipe for jam roly-poly whilst also learning about the best British-Nigerian food mash ups? Then this issue is for you.

It’s 72 pages packed with personal writing, recipes, illustrations, poetry from 36 contributors from around the world. In times when the world is complicated and there’s pressure coming at us from all around, it’s a reminder that food doesn’t have to be impressive to be exactly what you need.

Here's a sneaky peek at what you can expect!

Our cover illustration by the brilliant Lily Orset!

Written by Faye Hardy and Illustrated by BitsIFind

Written by Rose Bache

Written by Ben Lippett, illustrated by Hannah Jane Illustration

Written by Lexie Angelo

And what's this I hear about freebies??

Your pre-orders really help us out, it’s how we pay for buying the copies of the issue. So to say a massive thank you for your support for being ahead of the curve and pre-ordering, we’re giving away some freebies!

Pre-order the issue and you’ll get an A5 print and a sticker featuring illustrations by our brilliant cover artist, Lily Orset!

And as always, 10% of all of our sales are donated to the Trussell Trust, to support over 1200 food banks across the UK. Find out more about our partnership with them here.


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