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Issue 5: Ritual is now available to pre-order!

It's a different kind of Black Friday over at Potluck today- Issue 5 is finally here!! Pre-order today to get a beautiful bonus print by @niu_illustration with your order!

This time around, we're talking all things Rituals. Food and rituals are intrinsically linked- the actions we take in the cooking, eating and sharing of food are almost always based on what we know and are used to; repetitive actions that become traditions by default. This issue brings together stories that not only explore these personal rituals, but also use these rituals as a way to tell the stories of the people who showed us them in the first place.

Across 104 illustrated pages, we've got amazing stories from 40 contributors about airplane food, chicken stock, and the comfort that using just the right spoon gives you. Stories that explore the impact of religion and cultural expectations on the rituals we uphold, and how we hold onto those rituals once the people that introduced them to us pass away. A recipe for Sausage Pasta to make you laugh, and one for Rum and Raisin cheesecake to make you cry.

As with all our orders, 10% of all our sales will be donated to the Trussell Trust (the UK’s biggest food bank organisation) and 40% of the sales will be put aside to pay our contributors! We’re hoping to start sending all our pre-ordered orders out from the 9th of December, just in time for Christmas, so you can expect anything you pre-order in a few weeks time. Fancy a copy? Head HERE to get a physical copy, HERE for a digital version and HERE to subscribe to a year of lovely future Potluck issues!


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