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Pre-orders now open for our Snacks issue!

We're very excited to share that our next issue is now available to pre-order. This time around, we’re focusing the cool uncle of mealtimes;


Snacks aren’t essential- but they’re fun. They’re the little pick me ups that give us joy and keep us full in the in-between moments of our days. Perhaps too simple or too salty, too sweet, sour, hot to be a meal in themselves, these bites get your taste buds going and fill a hole in your stomach and your heart.

In this issue, we’re exploring snacks from all around the world and what they mean to us. You’ll find stories about US vs. UK donuts, Nigerian chin-chin, foraging your own snacks. Deep dives into wafers, breakdowns of the best Romanian street foods and an investigation into the importance of chaat for India’s women. We’ve got articles about the snacks that save us when we can’t face a full meal, the ones we eat at the pub or during a week working as a chef. Sweet, salty, deep fried, home made, pre-packaged, grab-on-the-go, drunken- you’ll find it in the issue.

Pre-orders make a massive difference to us- they’re what funds the printing of the issue and make a big difference to our contributors first royalty payment, so if you’ve got the means to support, it’d be massively appreciated. And as always, 10% of all our sales will be donated to the Trussell Trust (the UK’s biggest food bank organisation).

“It’s mindless sometimes, snacking. You reach into a bowl with your eyes glued somewhere else, you taste in passing. Yet every time you enter a cinema you know exactly what you crave... Your body is a map; tread carefully, eat carefully, follow the hand-drawn memory-lines straight into the depths of you. You might find treasure. Or a treat.”

Philine Schiller, Geo-snacking for the Soul; from our Snacks issue


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