Staying Busy Baking: Tried and Tested Recipes for Lockdown Treats

By Laura Collins


Illustrations by Léonie Flower


When I think of baking, I think of making crispy cakes with my gran in her kitchen, making a mess and getting to lick the spoon. I think of love, family and sharing something nice with those around you.

My lockdown baking journey started with a Victoria Sponge. I hadn’t baked a sponge cake in years and was relieved that we actually had cake tins in the house! When it came to the icing part I wasn’t so lucky... not one drop of jam in sight! A half-eaten jar of lemon curd later and it turned out I had created a masterpiece (according to my boyfriend and his family anyway).

From there, I’ve tried all sorts of bakes, and to my surprise they’ve all been pretty successful. Everything has been tested on my very honest brother so I can guarantee that you will enjoy it all!


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