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Things We Love: August 2020

By Rhia Cook

Judging by the weather this week, summer is most definitely coming to an end. I can't say this makes me particularly sad; I get hot and flustered at anything over 20 degrees, but before we launch full force into all things Autumn we wanted to take a little look back over some of our favourite things we've come across in the past month. We're going to make this a monthly thing, so if you find something that you absolutely love, drop us an email and share it with us! And if you're a subscriber, it'll be sent directly to your inbox on the last Saturday of the month; perfect for some weekend reading!

All the recommendations are our own opinion: no one's paying us, we just like them.

Image credit: The Boy Who Bakes

1. Babka

I don't know if it's just me, but I've been seeing this all over my social media recently. The constant exposure coupled with the obsessive cinnamon bun making of the last couple of weeks has made this my next project. It looks bloody delicious; you can either swirl through Nutella like this one from The Boy Who Bakes, or there are lots of spiced nut/caramel/apple variations online, all of which sound awful temping as we move into the colder months.

Image credit: Table Magazine and Eaten Magazine

I've been reading this and following them for a while now, but during lockdown they've been putting out some great interviews and stories. This image was taken from their social media and is part of a mini magazine documenting a small gathering they had just before lockdown. It's got a load of recipes and you can get it free by signing up to their newsletter! Follow them here: @tablemagazine.

 A new discovery! Eaten is a magazine all about food history, sharing all kinds of historical images and adverts on their Instagram feed. Their newest issue is all about Butter and looks great, but this illustration of Key Lime Pie is definitely my favourite. The perfect end to summer I think! Follow their Instagram here.

I would listen to anything Samin Nosrat (author and presenter of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat) does just to hear her infectious laugh but this podcast is great too. They take listener questions on all kinds of topics: what to do with 8lbs of sweet potatoes; what to cook when you've broken your dominant hand; should you soak dried beans before you cook them? Samin does her best to answer the dilemmas and Hrishi makes a lot of puns. Excellent to listen to when you're in the kitchen yourself.

This is one of my favourite episodes of one of my favourite podcasts. Gok Wan comes into the dream restaurant to tell James Acaster and Ed Gamble his favourite starter, main course, side dish, drink and dessert. He also seems to have some sort of amazing Nigella-ish life of mid-week dinner parties and huge impromptu gatherings at his house on the weekends, which come along with a lot of very funny stories he tells. 10/10.

Fran's recently launched a whole load of beautiful typography t-shirts on her website, but this one is by far my favourite. Get it with loads of different colours and a couple of different designs here


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