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  • The next three issues of Potluck (no set dates but the issue's will bespread throughout 2021 and you'll be notified by email when we announce the next Issue release date)
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We also donate 10% of our total sales to them, to support them in their fight to end food poverty. That means by purchasing this subscription, you'll be donating £4 to the Trussell Trust too!


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4 Issue Subscription to Potluck

  • All issues of Potluck will be sent to the address you provide us with, so please make sure the one you enter is the one you want the issues sent to. Issue 2 will be posted by the 20th of November, 2020.

    Future Issues of 3, 4, and 5 do not have firm publishing dates yet, however, we plan for all these issues to be published in 2021. Once these dates are confirmed, we will send you an email to let you know when to expect the Issues to be sent to you. 

    If, for any reason, we cannot fulfill your future issues of 3,4 or 5, we will be in touch to explain why and a full refund for every issue we cannot complete will be made to your original payment card (£10 per Issue). 


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