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Buy us a coffee!

Buy us a coffee!

Potluck is a magazine with big goals, hopes and dreams, but in practicality it's run by one person- me, Rhia Cook.

A lot of work goes into each issue- even before I start putting the issue together, there's writing the briefs, sorting and choosing the work for issues, offering feedback to unsuccessful submissions. With making the issue itself comes weeks of work on illustrations, layouts, editing and promotion. Whist we pay our contributors as much as we can afford using a royalties system, it's still a big job on a low budget.


Just buying the issue is more than enough and I'm incredibly grateful for every order, but if you want to support Potluck's mission to publish food writing and all kinds of other creative outputs written by emerging writers from all backgrounds, buying us a coffee would really help. 

Any money from this donation will go back into things to support the magazine to grow- from things like paying for advertising to actually buying me coffee to get me through last-minute deadline rushes. 


Any support is massively appreciated!

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