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DIGITAL Issue 7: Snacks
  • DIGITAL Issue 7: Snacks

    Our seventh issue is now available, and this time we're focusing on the cool uncle of the meal world, Snacks


    Inside, you'll find 116 pages packed with personal stories, a few recipes, poetry, and illustrations from 40 contributors from around the world. 


    It explores snacks from around the world and what they mean to us. Inside, you’ll find stories about donuts, chin-chin, foraging your own snacks. Deep dives into wafers, breakdowns of the best Romanian street foods and an investigation into the importance of chaat for India’s women. We’ve got articles about the snacks that save us when we can’t face a full meal, the ones we eat at the pub or during the working week as a chef. 


    Whatever you're craving; sweet, salty, deep fried, homemade, pre-packaged, grab-on-the-go, drunken- you’ll find it here. 


    10% of all our sales also go to the Trussell Trust, so you'll be donating to help food banks up and down the UK to feed people with your order. Find out more about the work they do here: . We also pay our contributors a share of the money we make from sales- 40% of the sales go back to them, split evenly between everyone.

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