This winter, food banks are going to need our help more than ever before. The pressure caused by Covid-19 has left more people than ever in food poverty. This leaflet, with words by Joshua Poyser, is one of our attempts to spread awareness on how much of an issue this is, and encourage people to help out this winter. It's free for you, so why now download it, print it and pop it through the doors of your neighbours?


To assemble, simply print and fold into quarters, with the bottom right side of the image as the front cover!


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How did this come about?

With everything that's been going on with the UK government voting against feeding kids and the amazing community response that generated, it's more obvious than ever that the Tory politicians in charge aren't listening to the people and do not represent the values most of us hold dear. 

Community efforts, for the foreseeable future under this government, are the way we're going to keep our people fed. A terrifying thought, but one which makes it even more important to find local organisations who are helping in your area. 

With Potluck, from the beginning, I've always wanted to be aware of the privilege myself and most of the foodie community have of being able to eat and enjoy the process of cooking food. Food keeps us alive like anyone else, but it's often more than that, and having the time and resources to be able to learn and experiment with food is something that is easy to take for granted but something many people don't get to experience. 

Potluck gives 10% of all the money we make to The Trussell Trust. They run the majority of the UK's food banks and aren't local to one area, but neither are we. The audience and contributors come from all over the UK (and internationally too) and so it didn't feel right supporting one area's food bank when places up and down the country need support. You can find out more about the work The Trussell Trust do here:

These donations still aren't enough. Money is great, but it doesn't cause a movement. We need more connected, supportive communities to be able to help everyone who needs it out this winter. So why not spread the word by downloading copies of Joshua Poyser's article: Food Poverty and the Catastrophic Consequences of Covid-19, printing them off and spread it around your area to share what we can do to help. I've designed it as a leaflet so that it can be easily posted through the doors of your neighbours when you're out and about. 

Help spread the word in your community.


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Food Banks in Winter Leaflet