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Issue 6: Authenticity
  • Issue 6: Authenticity

    Our sixth issue is now available, and this time we're focusing on Authenticity in food! 


    Inside, you'll find 120 pages packed with personal stories, recipes (there are nine of them), poetry, and illustrations from 40 contributors from around the world. 

    For this issue, we wanted to explore the idea of what makes food authentic. The idea of authentic food is often used as a bar to measure food against to decide whether it's good, or real. But how much of what we cook and eat could actually be described as authentic? What's the impact of using such a bar on the people and places that those foods come from? And if something is delicious, how much does authenticity matter? 


    This issue is an exploration into the origin, appropriation, and progress of so-called authentic food, told through the voices of the personal experience of foodies and home cooks. We've got articles on ancient fire cooking methods from Tahiti and the effect bad translation of Dim Sum can have on how we cook it, on what authenticity looks like when you're a 2nd generation immigrant, and throwing cookbooks away to create your own dishes, authentic only to you. 

    10% of all our sales also go to the Trussell Trust, so you'll be donating £1 to help food banks up and down the UK to feed people this winter with your order. Find out more about the work they do here: and we also pay our contributors a share of the money we make from sales- 40% of the sales go back to them, split evenly between everyone.

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