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About us


Hello! Nice to meet you!

We're Potluck, a print and digital zine all about cooking, eating and sharing food. 

We want to create a place that allows everyone to tell their own personal stories about food, and share in the joys that come along with it. We want this to be a place to document the family recipes, obsess over personal fascinations, and share the little memories you associate with your favourite meals. We want to provide a different kind of way to read about food, one that’s people-focused, diverse and with room to grow.

Potluck is created and edited by Rhia Cook, a passionate home cook and textile design graduate with no experience in hospitality or running a magazine. The first issue was started in May of 2020 on a whim. After going into lockdown at the end of March and spending pretty much every moment since that point reading, thinking about or making food, she got up one morning and put a call out for submissions for a zine about food. She wanted it to celebrate the act of preparing food, of sitting down together and sharing it and the way it brings people together. She asked for any work that could be printed on an A5 page to be sent over on the theme of “Cooking During Covid”. 

That first issue got a response we certainly didn’t expect. It went from a seed of an idea to a publication with over 20 contributors from all across the UK and Ireland. We sold the first issue to raise money for The Trussell Trust, the charity that supports the majority of the UK’s food banks and raised £546 for them in the end. 

Since then we've created another four issues, with a fifth on the way, working with 40 contributors from all over the world each issue. We've raised over £1500 for the Trussell Trust so far.

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About us

Our Values

Food is fun. For those of us who enjoy any part of its process- cooking it, eating it, sharing it with others- it’s very easy to talk endlessly about the delicious meals we’ve had, the new techniques we learned and the great new cooking show that’s out. As Potluck, we want to be a space where like-minded people can have these conversations and celebrate what they love.

But there are more conversations that need to be had about food and food media than just these fun ones, and it would be tone deaf of us to ignore them.


Here’s what’s important to us:

Supporting emerging creatives

We know how hard it can be to break into the creative industries, which is why our submissions process is free to enter and open to everyone, regardless of experience.


We also pay our contributors for their work and give feedback on unsuccessful submissions 

Addressing Food Inequality

We donate 10% of all of our sales to the Trussel Trust, the UK's biggest foodbank charity to support their work in eliminating food poverty.

Telling diverse stories

At Potluck, we're actively looking to publish work from those whose perspective isn't maybe acknowledged more widely in food publishing. 

Everyone is given the time, space, and support to tell their own stories in their words, no matter the race, gender, sexuality, or any other defining factor.

Building a Community

Potluck is only possible because of the people that support it. We're always looking to connect and champion more people working in what can sometimes feel like a disconnected industry. 

Fancy a chat with us? We're just a message away!

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Got a question about any of this? We're here to answer it! Get in touch using the form below or email us at

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