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Our Business Model

We're still a small magazine with small budgets, but we can produce the magazine that we do because people are willing to take their time and talents and put them into making something for us, which we believe should be paid for. 

Our business model is built around sharing success and building a community. The more copies of the magazine we sell, the more money everyone who contributes makes too. We also want to be totally open and honest about the way the business is run, so you can decide if our structure works for you before you agree to work with us.

At the minute, the only sources of income are going to be selling copies of the magazine, both physically and digitally. The R.R.P for Digital Copies is £6 and for Physical is £10. As the business grows and income streams diversify, the money will continue to be split between the contributors as applicable. 

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To find out more about our values and supporting the Trussell Trust, have a read of our About Us page.


Got any questions about where the money goes?

Drop us an email using the form below of email us at and we'll be happy to chat!

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