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DIGITAL Issue 4: Feast
  • DIGITAL Issue 4: Feast

    Please note that this is for the digital download option- if you'd rather a physical copy, find it here. 


    Our fourth issue is all about Feasting, celebrating the joy that comes along with eating. It's an issue that celebrates the anticipation behind a meal, loitering in the kitchen for hours, snacking on whatever you can get your hands on. It's about the effort that goes into cooking a meal like that- sometimes a glorious act of love, other times only exhausting. And it's about the joy of ordering that extra dish at a restaurant- not because you need it, but because food is about more than just fuel. 


    In honour of the fact that the issue is a celebration of excess- we've made it a bumper issue too, with 108 pages packed with personal food writing, recipes, illustrations and poetry from over 40 contributors. That's over 30% bigger than usual- all for the same price!


    10% of all our sales also go to the Trussell Trust, so 60p will go to help food banks up and down the UK to feed people this winter with your order. Find out more about the work they do here:


    We also pay our contributors a share of the money we make from sales- 40% of the sales go back to them, split evenly between everyone, meaning you're supporting emerging writers in the process! 

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