Gather is a zine packed with delicious and comforting winter recipes and ways you can safely share them with loved ones during this Covid-19 winter. 


We all want to be able to have a normal Christmas. It's the thing that's on everyone's minds right now, asking how we're going to be able to celebrate safely and what's going to be allowed. And with such a big part of the joy of the festive season being sharing food with others; big feasts of turkeys and hams or a mince pie or a gingerbread cookie when catching up with friends it's hard to feel optimistic about that tradition. And you're right, this winter isn't going to be the same as our usuals. But it doesn't mean that we can't adapt our usual celebrations and find other, safer ways to share food! 


This 24-page zine has 9, mostly vegetarian recipes that can be easily adapted to include meat or not include dairy depending on your preferences. They've been designed for the winter in-between meals; things you'd cook when catching up with friends or family you haven't seen in a while. But more than that, it offers tips, tricks and suggestions for how to share this food safely as the nights draw in.