Here at Potluck, we run exclusively on submitted work. Anyone is welcome to submit to us, no matter your background, age, sex, ethnicity, experience level, or discipline. However, we only accept work if it fits the theme we set, which changes roughly every four months.

We are currently accepting submissions for our fifth issue on the theme of:



Here's a bit more about it:
Rituals and food are intrinsically linked. The actions we take in the cooking, eating and sharing of our meals are almost always based on what we know and what we’re used to, repetitive actions that become traditions by default.

These rituals can be deeply personal; making your gran a cup of tea and knowing how much cold water to splash in, how big a wedge of lemon she likes; the way you eat a Kit Kat; your favourite spoon in the cutlery drawer, the one your hand instinctively goes to. 


It can be a family tradition, a particular meal you always share together, or maybe the way you gather and preserve a certain thing at a certain time of year. And it doesn’t have to be positive. It can be the rut you get into of cooking the same dishes over and over, the breaking with these rituals to find a better way to do things.


We also want it to look outward. Culturally, when we eat and the way we eat it is often dictated by this learned behaviour, with forks or chopsticks or fingers. The dinner table rituals alone are a minefield, both the dated and the new. Who carves? Who cooks? Who serves? Who’s welcome and what can we talk about? We want to explore all the different facets we can, from all the perspectives we can.

Closing date for submissions is 5th of October, midnight (GMT).

Feeling inspired? Here's how you can get involved:

Everyone is welcome to send their work in through this method- it's how we get the majority of our contributors. 

Here's how it works:

  1. We set a brief for the issue
    All work we publish has to in some way be about cooking, eating or sharing food, but it also has to fit the theme of that issue. Previous themes have included Feast, Back to Basics, Winter's Traditions, and Cooking During Covid, and our current theme is Rituals. Briefs will be announced via our social media and our newsletter as well as on the blog. If you don't want to miss them, it might be worth signing up for our newsletter!

  2. You come up with your submission
    We'll be open for submissions for three weeks from announcing the theme, so you've got time to create something. Not sure your idea is right for us? Drop us an email and we'll be happy to give you some advice and help!

  3. You send it to us!
    All our submissions now need to be sent in through this Google Form! 


  4. We decide what goes into the issue
    Once our submissions close, we take between 1-2 weeks to read through the work and decided what will be in the issue. We don't ghost you- everyone who takes the time to submit to us will be emailed with the outcome of our selection (both positive and negative) and we'll always offer to give you feedback if you've not been successful.


Still got questions? Check out the FAQs below.



When creating the issue, we like to work with illustrators to create editorial work specifically based on our written submission. If this is something you're interested in, you can register your interest in working with us! This is specifically for anyone creating visual work- illustrators, artists, photographers, designers and doodlers.

Here's how it works:

  1. You fill out this Google Form registering your interest
    It's super simple and won't take more than 5 minutes to fill out. We're just asking for your details and somewhere we can get a feel for the style of your work- this can be on your social media, your portfolio website, or just send us over some images of your recent work!


  2. We pair you with written work we think you'll do a good job with
    When we've decided on the work that'll be in the issue, we get in touch with people on the list who we think would do a really good job of illustrating that particular piece. We consider styles and recurring themes in your own work. Sometimes we'll give you a loose initial idea to work from and other times we'll let you read the piece and see what you can create from it! You'll have 2-3 weeks to create the final work.


Usually, we'll work with around 5 people to create work like this for an Issue, so filling out the form isn't a guarantee of work but it's the first step to working with us.


Got any questions? Check out the FAQs below.


Use the button below to leave us your details and we'll be in touch:


What kind of work are you after?

We look mainly for writing, recipes, poetry, illustrations, and photography, but if you've got an idea for something slightly different you think would fit with the theme, get in touch! We're always up for hearing new ideas.

What are the technical specifications?

Written articles should be around 500-800 words. Don't worry if it's a little over, we're happy to help you cut it down and we are open to publishing longer work if it suits the piece. Images can be sent over as JPEG, TIF, PNG or PSD files. We need the resolution to be 300dpi but file size doesn't matter. The page size is A5 and please include a 3mm bleed to your artwork too, in case we want to make it a full-page image.

To send your work over, please use this form.

Do you pay for work?

All work that's selected and published by us is paid for using a royalties-based system. Take a look here for more information about our business model and how getting paid by us works. Anyone whose work is accepted will also be given a digital copy of the zine for free and offered the opportunity to buy a physical copy of the magazine at cost price plus postage.

Do you accept pitches?

We don't accept work for the issue based on a pitch alone- we need a good, strong draft at least for the work to be considered. We know this is against the standard way that submissions work, especially in journalism, but we want to keep the submission process as accessible as possible to people who might not have sent anything into publications before, and might not be aware of the pitching process. It also helps make our issues flow really well together, and allows for the best possible final product.  

Help! I don't know if my idea is something you'd be interested in?

First off, it might be an idea to have a read over some of the stories we've published previously, to get a feel for the kind of thing we're looking for. If you're still not sure if your idea would work for us, don't panic! We want to help support you as much as possible with your submission. We're happy to speak to you about your idea and help guide you with the first drafts. Just get in touch by emailing us at: or using the form below.

Still have a question that hasn't been answered?

Drop us an email at or use the form below to get in touch!