Here at Potluck, we run exclusively on submitted work. Anyone is welcome to submit to us, no matter your background, age, sex, ethnicity, experience level or discipline. However, we only accept work if it fits the theme we set, which changes roughly every three months.

We aren't currently looking for work, but we will be re-opening our submissions again around May time for Issue 4. If you want to be notified of when we're looking for work again, the best way is to sign up to our newsletter. In the meantime, here are some general rules about what we're looking for.

What kind of work are we after?

We look mainly for writing, recipes, poetry, illustrations, and photography, but if you've got an idea for something slightly different you think would fit with the theme, get in touch! We're always up for hearing new ideas.

We're more than happy to hear your initial ideas for work to give you advice, but we will not accept work based on a pitch alone. This is to keep our zine open to everyone, especially emerging writers without a portfolio of work to back them up.

What are the technical specifications?

  • Written articles should be around 500-800 words. Don't worry if it's a little over, we're happy to help you cut it down and we are open to publishing longer work if it suits the piece.

  • Images can be sent over as .JPEG, .TIF, .PNG or .PSD files. We need the resolution to be 300dpi but file size doesn't matter. The page size is A5 and please include a 3mm bleed to your artwork too, in case we want to make it a full-page image.

  • Any submissions should be sent to

Do you pay for work?

All work that's selected and published by us is paid for using a royalties based system. Take a look here for more information about our business model and how getting paid by us works. Anyone whose work is accepted will also be given a digital copy of the zine for free, and offered the opportunity to buy a physical copy of the magazine at cost price plus postage.

We also want to help support you as much as possible with your submission. We're happy to speak to you about your idea and help guide you with first drafts. Just get in touch by emailing us at: or using the form below!


Got an idea for an article? A recommendation of something you've read recently? Or just want to say hello? Sounds great! Leave us a message below and we'll get back to you!