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Feast by Ailsa Sheldon: a poem to start the year with

by Ailsa Sheldon // @kitchentablesisters


Sister, let us throw open the cupboards and cook!

Toast spices and crush them and wear their aromatic oils like perfume.


Open wine and praise the aubergine, wash mud from carrots.

Laugh as ribbons of courgette meet hot oil and citrus zest.

Swirl a tangle of garden leaves through ice-cold water.

Interrogate back of the fridge stowaways.

Chop side by side, maybe pickle something.

Wonder if it's enough food- or too much?

Open more wine. Light candles.

Add handfuls of fresh grassy coriander,

a squeeze of lemon and a handful of toasted nuts.

And talk and eat and talk and eat.


Ailsa's work is featured in Potluck's fourth issue: Feast. Head here to grab a copy!


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