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Let's Cook About It

Written and Illustrated by Abigail Featherstone

I have had the opportunity to cook and eat more during our extra indoor time, and I can feel the benefit. Cooking and baking more have been excellent ways to pass the time and work on an essential life skill. Somehow I managed to escape the banana bread craze, but the baking phase still hit.

As a busy student approaching my final year, I am guilty of missing breakfast and then buying a Tesco meal deal on my way to the studio for my lunch. I would usually only cook my evening meal.

But during this weird time, I have been cooking more breakfasts. Including vegetarian cooked breakfasts, banana and nutella on toast, blueberry pancakes, eating more fruits and getting a fruit juice and maybe even a coffee down me before noon. Before lockdown that would have seemed impossible as it wouldn’t have fit into my morning schedule.

Creating a healthier relationship with food had also helped me create a healthier relationship with alcohol. It’s helped me feel better in myself and feel more productive, even if somedays my only schedule is a food one.


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